Pilates for Teens

Pilates for Teen Girls? This is smart and fun form of fitness that keeps the teenagers focused.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates was created by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920s. It is a movement system that strengthens the core and brings the mind-body connection to the forefront through numerous unique exercises. It caters to people of all ages, all body types, and all fitness abilities. Teenagers in particular can benefit from this form of exercise because it helps prevent injury, and develops flexibility, coordination, balance and endurance. It’s perfect during their growing years.

Teens And Pilates…Benefits?

We believe there is the lack of programs for teenagers available at fitness facilities or schools that specifically target core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Pilates is the form of exercise that works the entire body with emphasis on function for overall health.Pilates helps teenagers gain awareness of their body and understand how its workings. Pilates improves the way their body functions, looks and feels – and knowing their body inside and out leads to greater self-esteem. Pilates can also assist with weight management issues in younger people because this form of exercise strengthens and lengthens core muscles without adding bulk. So teens can learn to love their bodies no matter what. Another benefit of Pilates for teenagers is that it helps prevent injury on the playground or on the court – and is the basis for improving posture, and increasing strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

The Benefits of Pilates for Youths:

  •  Body Awareness
  •  Mental Concentration
  •  Injury Prevention
  •  Strength & Flexibility
  •  Weight Management
  •  Self-Esteem & Confidence
  •  Coordination & Balance

Pilates allows youths to learn about their bodies and how it works – and gives them something to strive for.

At InterFit Studio we use Pilates as a tool to build confidence and self-esteem.

Photo: Teen Girls Class at InterFit Studio.

Pilates For Teen Girls. Interfit Pilates Studio.

We see our students get fitter, but they also tell us it helps them focus on their schoolwork and relax when they’re stressed—and many practice at home or teach moves to their families. “Part of our goal is that later on in life, no matter what, this will be a foundation for them.

Who Can Do Pilates?

Pilates is designed for both the non-athletic teenager as well as the competitive teen. It caters to their various ages, fitness levels, and athletic abilities. Pilates is great for teens getting into highly competitive sports.

Some of our students come referred by coaches in order to improve at their sport, like gymnastics, figure skating, dance, swimming, golf, tennis, horse back riding, hockey, rowing, basketball. A Pilates program can fill the gap for teenage athletes by introducing them to basic Pilates principles; conditioning body and mind; and helping protect against injury by improving alignment, developing core stability and increasing neuromuscular control. We teach athletes to use their core as a powerful initiator of movement and as a shock absorber when landing.

We also have teens coming in for weight loss, and just the girl who want to be fit, like some of their favourite celebrities. The girls leave feeling good about themselves and glad they came to class.

At InterFit Studio we really enjoy teaching the teen class and find it much more rewarding and inspiring than we ever expected. Pilates really makes them feel better about themselves. It does that for adults too.

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