Summer Hiking and Stretching

June in Buntzen Lake

Join our wonderful Pilates Community for the Summer Hiking and Stretching at the beautiful Buntzen Lake on June 26!

We are planning to leave White Rock on Sunday June 26 at 9am. And then meet up in the parking lot at Buntzen Lake at 10:30 am.

Please, bring with you snack, water and lunch (we'll eat it at turn around point at the lake!).

Please, confirm if you are planning to attend, and let me know if you prefer to meet up at the lake and can take few people with you in the car, or you prefer not to drive and go with someone else. I will try to do my best to organize the groups.

Please note, the hike will be rescheduled to the following Sunday, if the weather is not good...


Pilates for Teens

New!!! Introducing Special Low Rates for Teen Girls!

During this specially designed program, the girls will learn the principles of Pilates, work not only on Pilates Reformer, but also on Cadillac (Tower), Pilates Arch and other Apparatus.

Only $189 monthly for 2 Apparatus classes per week.



Summer Special

Have you done Reformer Pilates before?
Integrated Group Apparatus Class: It is one hour full body workout on Pilates Reformer, Tower and Spine Corrector, emphasizing form and proper body alignment. You will increase core muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and range of motion in the joints in just 12 weeks! The small class size (max 4 people) allows each student to get plenty of individual attention and customize the program if needed.



New Clients Special

Gift Certificates are available!

If you are new to Reformer Pilates this is the best way to get started!

5 Intro Privates Package:
only $299!

5 Intro Semi-Privates Package:
only $199! (per person)


BEMER Therapy

New!!! BEMER Therapy is now available at InterFit Studio

Summer Special only $349 for 10 treatments!

BEMER Therapy has been scientifically proven to enhance:

  • General Blood flow
  • The Body's Nutrient and Oxygen Supply and Waste Disposal
  • Cardiac Function
  • Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength and Energy
  • Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Sleep Management

BEMER Therapy is also useful as an adjunct therapy in treating a variety of conditions:

  • General Health
  • Acute and Chronic Painful Conditions
  • Trauma
  • Chronic Illness and Disease
If you are passionate about Pilates and helping other people, and interested in teaching at our studio, we would love to hear from you.
To apply please email a resume, a little bit about yourself and why you'd like to work at InterFit Studio.

After 10 sessions you’ll feel better.
After 20 sessions you’ll look better.
After 30 sessions you will have a new body.

Joseph Pilates


A. We recommend to start with 5 Private Introductory Sessions. We designed this Introductory Program to help new clients learn all the basics of Apparatus Pilates and transition into the Small Group Class within 2 weeks. You can easily register and book your first session online, or call (604)724-3661
A. The studio is equipped with three professional Pilates Reformers and Towers and many other small props. We book only 3-4 people in the class.
A. Yes, absolutely! And you will have the flexibility to choose and book all your classes online. Please, look at our current class scheduler here We add the new classes regularly as the number of our clients grow.